Work Flow (Organizing and Culling) – 30 DAY VLOG CHALLENGE


In my previous Work Flow Video I spoke about the importance of high-speed memory card readers. Well today I will show you how we import, organize and cull all of our photos. We begin with our simple but efficient import process. First we insert 4 CF cards and allow  Image Capture to automatically download all CF cards to one folder on the desktop. While the photos are transferring, we create a new folder specifically for that Wedding Event, then we copy/paste all of the pre-made organizational sub-folders into event folder. At this time all of the photos should have completed the transfer and can be moved to the "Raw Files" sub-folder. Now it's time to begin culling the photos in Photo Mechanic, we choose this application because of the incredibly fast preview feature it has, this allows us to instantly begin the culling process. Finally once the keeper photos have been determined, those are moved to the "Keeper Raw Files" sub-folder.

In our next Work Flow video, I will go over a few Lightroom Tips, exporting and photo blog layouts.



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