Work Flow (Importing) - 30 day vlog challenge


In the next few videos Tom will go over our Wedding Work Flow Process. Everything from importing our files, organizing, culling, editing, resizing, exporting and even back-ups. Today is part one :) We strongly believe in minimizing the amount of time we spend behind the computer, therefore allowing us to have more time for either taking more photos or spending time with each other... maybe even both. Originally we were using a single slot USB2.0 card reader. Typically Keidi and I use about 6-8x cards per wedding (total), so each 8GB CF card was taking approximately 10mins to upload. That's over an hour for just uploading the photos to our computers... YIKES! :(

After doing some research we came across a FireWire 800 card reader that had a stackable feature which allowed four readers to be connected at once. So not only was the FW800 faster then the USB2.0 but we could also upload 4x cards at once. The amount of time it took to upload photos was cut down more than half.

We have also upgraded our cards to 60MB/s, and this has improved import time in half again.

Now for the bad news: Lexar has discontinued these card readers but if you keep an eye on eBay and the photography forums, you'll occasionally find some. We found a Lexar dealer in Taiwan that had several but were selling them at a very high premium. Hopefully an alternative will eventually be made available, most likely either USB3.0 or Thunderbolt.


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