Watermelon and compromises

If there is one thing that screaaaamsss summer to me it's watermelons. For years I've been doing the "knock on the watermelon" trick, I call it a trick because I never knew which knock sounded right...mostly because they all sound the same, thanks mom that one didn't work. Last year I tuned in to a show on how to pick and cut watermelons properly. I turned off my phone for that one, important stuff here people! Apparently I have been cutting it "the right way", thanks mom, that one did work. As for the picking now I had visual clues, and since I'm a visual person (DUH!) this made so much more sense. So here is what I recall, "Pick a watermelon that has a large, as close to yellow, spot as possible this means it's been sitting out in the sun long enough and therefore it's ripe". Good, simple, easy-peasy works every time. Tom does not always buy my theories, he'd rather whip up Siri in the middle of the store and ask her for the real answer -.- As you can imagine her and I don't get along well mostly because I'm always right and her version of right is Wikipedia, really Siri? At least give me some competition!

As it turns out you do need to find one with a yellow spot (me), and the yellow spot is where the actual watermelon has been sitting on the ground (Tom and Siri) not where the sun has been working it's magic (me).