Top 5 iPhone Photo Apps

The camera that I carry around with me at all times is my iPhone and naturally I have waayy too many photos in there. I am then always left with the decision of  constantly having to back up my photos on my computer or deleting the PetFinder App, which obviously I'm still looking for a french bulldog. I have finally found an editing process for my iPhone photos and thought I would share my favorite tips and tricks as well as my absolute favorite apps.

Here is how to make sure you have a good shot to work with:

  • Tap on the screen to the subject where you would like to focus (a box will show up)
  • Shoot at a different angle that typical eye level (get low, climb high)
  • Work with available light instead of turning on the iPhone flash (grab a candle, carry a flashlight)
  • Place the subject off center
  • Take multiple photos of the same photo with different variations, you never know which one you'll like :)

Original Photo

- I placed my focus on the van. Since I was at a stop sign, this was not a good time for multiple photos :)

top 5 best photo apps

VSCO CAM  has filters just like instagram but also settings where you can control your exposure, contrast, highlights etc.

- Bumped up Exposure by 1 stop

- Bumped up Contrast by 1 stop

- Applied filter M5

top 5 best photo apps


Afterlight also has filters like instagram but I mainly use it only for the cool lightleaks you can apply to photos.

- Applied Lightleak filter #21 at 50%

- Remember if you like a particular light leak you can flip it to the side you want it to 5 best photo apps


Squaready basically prepares your photo for instagram. How many times has Instagram cut your photo to where you just do not want to post it?

- Added border on all sides

top 5 best photo apps


Framatic I use this app to place together 2-3 images to create 1 which I did not want to do in this case. I recommend the cap of "collage" images to no more than 3 as you still want to be able to see the different photos.



- At this point I am using Instagram as a photo sharing app and rarely using their filters. I feel that I have more control over the editing when using the apps I mentioned above.

how to great photos on instagram