Awesome Report - Roadtrips

I've always enjoyed trips, by any means of transportation. Probably because even if the trip was for non-vacation purposes I still treated this time as "me" time. Which typically meant catching up on that pile of books that had been collecting dust, but yet still on my to-read must-read list, or on some writing. Either two were just fine and I needed to do them at my own pace in the right state of mind. As of lately the dynamics to my trips have changed and I get to share them with my Mr. Right. So when an opportunity to take an 8 hour drive or a 1.5hr flight arises to photograph Tess and Jon's wedding I vote for the drive, why will you ask? Because that means 8 hours of talking, dreaming, and planning, and setting goals. And spending time just taking in the view, but also having the luxury to pull over when you stumble on a scene like the one below.  And that last picture is proof that Tom enjoys this just as much :)

Photos courtesy of iPhone and Instagram.

smile you're in pennsylvania