Personal Photo Project

I need something to kick me back into high gear with my photography. Although we did just accomplish a 30 day Vlog Challenge, I felt a little bit lucky that we were sharing the challenge because honestly there was days when I was glad it was Tom's day to film. That being said I have always been fond of photographers taking on a 365 day Challenge, taking a photo everyday for a year, unless it's leap year which would be like scoring a lottery in the challenge world. I've contemplated over and over taking one on and let's just say I know myself enough to know that I wouldn't last that long. Then around 12 am while trying to put myself to sleep I got an idea, which is not so shocking as I feel this is when I do most of my "great" thinking, you know those big dreams that you only allow yourself to dream as you try to doze yourself to sleep. The same ones that the next morning you limit yourself by claiming they are way to unattainable and how dare you even think of that?

I've decided to for at least the rest of this year photograph every important person in my life, because let's face it I would be too chicken to take up "a photo of a stranger" challenge. Consider yourself warned, if we have any.sort.of.a.relationship I am coming for you!

I've yet to decide if I want to set up a different blog or tumblr to share these images or if I would only be printing these and creating some sort of scrapbook(all though I feel like these is not my cup of tea). The only thing I know is that I want these printed, fo sho. I also want to expand my writing some more, so I would say in some words something about the person in the photograph, I want to write only the positive things so that in an event that this person will no longer be in my life a year or two from them I can remember the good times. Those are the ones that we need reminders on.


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