On being photographed and red boat shoes

I thought it was appropriate for us, as photographers, to share a little about what we learned being photographed. First off I apologize to all our past clients that we had not done this sooner, wow! people I feel you!!! I, we, now  fully understand what goes into it now from YOUR perspective! from spending way too much time in poorly lit fitting rooms to finding the accessories and hoping mother nature cooperates, thanks for screwing us up twice nature, I thought we were cool. And figuring outfits, locations and what you'd like out of this photos is the easy part, yes easyyyy!! I don't even want to count how many times I would turn to Tom and say "what if we don't look like we're in love in the pictures?" Impossible, he would say and I would rest assured for a bit and then turn to girly thoughts of needing to buy a new bottle of hairspray. This is how conversations between us went leading up to the photo shoot.

Mother nature gave us the luxury to shop a little longer, and to Tom's surprise this would mean that he'd find that little cool factor we had been looking to add to our outfits, red boat shoes. These shoes I thought, these would be enough of a distraction in case you know we didn't look "in love" enough. Once we parked I had to put on my 'big girl" face and hope the shoes would be enough.

I guess I just want to say from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Thank you for allowing us to be part of that excitement with you and giving us the honor of photographing the real smiles and the way you love, it means that much more to us now.

Photos are a courtesy of the amazing duo, Jill and Ryan, of Jillian McGrath Photography, where you can view more of our photos as well as check them out. We are so glad to have met them and look forward to lots of photography related geek talk among other things :)

I could be biased but we looved our photos.