This year we celebrated our 5 year dating anniversary. We love small getaways and try to squeeze them in even if only for a weekend. We decided to brainstorm on ideas separately, which made it even more surprising when both of us picked Montreal. As a Canadian, I'm almost embarrassed to say that I had never been to Montreal.

After settling in to the apartment we rented in Montreal, we quickly realized that there was a huge framed print of the Brooklyn Bridge hanging on the wall, which was so appropriate since that's where Tom and I went on our first date! This of course means we are meant to be together forever!

montreal quebec

montreal quebec

As we were walking around the Mile High neighborhood in Montreal and stopping by in little shops Tom began telling me about a bagel place he had seen a segment about on TV, but could not think of the city, where they made hand-rolled bagels in traditional wood stoves. Literally within a few minutes later we came up on St-Viateur Bagel, Le Maison du Bagel and decided to stop inside, that's exactly when Tom realized it was the same store he was just telling me about.

The staff was so friendly and even threw Tom, the New Yorker, a challenge that Montreal bagels would win over New York's every time.  Tom's not really picking a side yet :)St-Viateur Bagel Le Maison du Bagel montrealHere I am trying to "borrow" wifi to check in to this cool spot and Tom evaluating the bagel.

best bagel montreal

One of the places we all agreed on to visit was Micro Resto La Famille, we were sold after seeing them on Vimeo - Micro Resto La Famille Video.  We were all so impressed with the quality of food and the way each ingredient was beautifully handled restaurant montreal

Old montreal antique

Small appearance of my sister, Jona, and her beau Zak. vieux montreal

On my visit to Terrain I managed to pick up Where Chef's Eat:A Guide to Chefs' Favorite Restaurants , luckily Montreal is one of the three major Canadian cities that is covered in this book. Though several options Dépanneur Le Pick-Up stood out as it was  to be just a convince store with a small kitchen counter. I love finding hidden places like this! Honestly if I was driving by and did not need to go in for a drink or gum I wouldn't think twice about stopping. The food was delish with lots of vegetarian options and the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies one could ever dream of.

Boston Terriers seemed to be pretty popular in Montreal, we saw at least 5 in the time we were there and although we didn't get to bring our guy with us we got small gentle reminders :)

boston terriers

vegetarian vegan gluten free restaurant montreal

Although we did not take any photos a worthy mention needs to go out to La Carreta and a special thanks to Sherri from With Food and Love for recommending over instagram the best restaurant we visited in Montreal. Needless to say with her food taste we could be bffs. This place was so good that on our short trip we managed to go back twice to devour even more pupusas.

Needless to say we love food and going to where the locals eat.