Lavalier Microphone Review and Comparison - 30 Day Vlog Challenge


Just like we promised here is a review of our latest audio set up for our vlogs. Yesterday's video was shot with our new Audio-Technica ATR3350 Lavalier  Microphone. In today's video we review and compare the three methods we have been using to record audio for our videos. We decided to film in a high traffic area to properly examine the difference between the ambient sound that was being picked up by the various microphones. We personally recommend the Audio-Technica ATR3350 Lavalier  Microphone, however if you are still interested in learning about what we were previously using  here is a great video: FStoppers Record High Quality Audio using iPhone for more information.

Here are some full video examples with the various audio systems: 1. 5D MkIII Built-In Microphone: Our Long Distance Relationship video. 2. iPhone + Earphone (Poor-Man's Lav mic): 5 Tips for Selling Used Camera Gear video. 3. Lavalier ATR3350:  Consistency in Social Media video.



If you have been enjoying our videos, our new friends from the 30 day vlog challenge have been posting amazing and extremely informative videos that are not just photography related. Be sure to check them out :)

ps. Here is our original post about the challenge.