Friends and Photos

One of the great things about being part of the photo community is having an abundance of photographers readily available. Since most of us enjoy being behind the camera we end up with iphone photos as profile pics on our social media profiles. I love me some awkwardly held "creative" skewed angle goodness but really it should be unnecessary. This past few months I am glad to say that we made it a point to plan to photograph each other. Below are some of the lovely ladies I've had the pleasure of meeting and luckily photographing because they are dang cute :).

I feel that it is important to say that both shoots happened in less than perfect weather and yet we all managed to pose :)

Krista of Krista Leigh Hurst PhotographyWedding Photographer Central PA


With proof of the weather, the Superwoman of the North East. Katie of K Harnish Photography. Wedding Photographer Central PA


Erin of Erin Elaine PhotographyWedding Photographer Central PA


Now on a warmer but not hair friendly weather:

Nikki of Nikki A Johnson PhotographyWedding Photographer Central PA


Mariko of Mariko PhotoWedding Photographer Central PA


Priscilla of Priscilla Baumgartner Photography Wedding Photographer Central PA


Lastly, secret capture behind the scenes to include Yoko of Yokography as we have yet to convince her to get in front of our cameras :)Best Wedding Photographers PA