Achieving Success - 30 Day Vlog Challenge


As we often drool and sometimes are jealous of others success why not instead use that to our advantage instead of disadvantage. Watch today's video on a quick how to achieve success.

Friends: we have better quality videos now!!! Everyone do your happy dance! We shot this with our profesh camera and I bet you can see the difference compared to our recent webcam videos. Although, it is quicker to work with the webcam, we decided to step it up and not procrastinate! This is mostly because now we have to shoot video and audio separately so we can be properly heard even from a distance. That's all about to change as our friend, Eric, over at Aumen Media, suggested this Audio- Technica Lavalier microphone to plug in to our camera that blends everything together. And we were like WAAAAHHH!!

So I suggest you take a seat and enjoy the rest of the challenge in 1080P!

*Extra Bonus: you get to see my soon to become world famous happy dance, it looks a lot like the one I was doing when I was 6. We suggest that you do not consume beverages while this video is playing.


If you have been enjoying our videos, our new friends from the 30 day vlog challenge have been posting amazing and extremely informative videos that are not just photography related. Be sure to check them out :)

ps. Here is our original post about the challenge.