A note about wedding photographers

This year we decided to take a leap of faith and realign ourselves. We've had friends that have really just given up on our wedding industry in general. In today's world where cameras are an important part of everyone's life it is difficult to distinguish the real value in photography. At the end of last year we couldn't help but feel the same as most, undervalued and overworked. When we both had started our interest in photography, on our own with separate businesses, it was for the pure joy of photographing someone's precious moments. It was not to nickel and dime with our clients or to have to prove why they could always find a photographer that was willing to work for free.

We knew we needed to get back to that place of photographing for the joy of it not because it was another gig we had previously committed to shoot.

This year, we committed to less weddings, in fact about half of what we would usually shoot for a year. It was a big decision, and I cannot pretend that it was an easy one. For us this meant we both would pursue other careers, because even wedding photographers have bills to pay. But what this meant was that we would get our love for photography back. We promised each other we would only take on couples we felt were right for us, which boiled down to are couples who are in love and who value the art of photography. The last thing we would ever want is to be is the robot that clicks the shutter.

Again, this was not an easy choice but as I finish editing our last weekend's wedding I can honestly say I am in love again. I am in love with the couples we've worked with and the ones we can't wait to photograph soon. I am in love with the way our approach to the wedding day has changed. And lastly in love with the images we are producing. To this day I think this year we've produced some of our best work and we've never felt our photography be as appreciated by our couples.

I guess to wrap this up I just want to say a sincerely big 'THANK YOU' to our clients for helping us see the light again, for trusting us and allowing us to do exactly what we love.

I don't know what comes next but all I know and believe in is that "The only thing that's constant is change".

And if you are interested last year we did videos on why we both choose to be photographers: Tom's Video and Keidi's Video

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