10 things about us


Here are 10 things you probably did not know about us.

  1. Our "Cleaning The House" Pandora channel is set on Mr. Sinatra and friends.
  2. We tried having an herb garden in our apartment but then got too bugged out by the bugs, pun completely intended.
  3. We are foodies.
  4. Our collection of wine consists of ones only from 2008, the year we met.
  5. We will be celebrating our 5 years anniversary at the end of August and opening our first bottle of said collection :)
  6. Learning to prioritize has significantly changed my daily anxiety levels.
  7. Remembering to light scented candles has still not made that priority list.
  8. I am a list maker. In fact my fave app ever is Wunderlist.
  9. I was completely terrified of Nismo, our Boston Terrier, when I first met him.
  10. I live for espressos and Turkish coffee, but can barely handle the Blonde brew at Starbucks.